Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tea-time, and I don't mean golf

Passion flower tea-time.
I have suffered from insomnia for years.  I have tried all kinds of remedies.
I have been prescribed a couple different sleep medications over the years.  Some work for awhile, but then seem to loose their effectiveness over time.  I came across the uses of passion flowers, and decided to try it.  (so far, tonight, it's not working. haha)  This particular tea also has 'hops',  catnip, chamomile flower, linden flower, & some spearmint and lemongrass for flavor.
I also have tried Valerian Root, years ago, but it didn't work either.  I think, that I have several different factors that affect my sleep problems.   So what might have Not worked in the past, may help now.  I think we just have to try different remedies, at different times, to find what works.  So I'm trying more homeopathic remedies, for insomnia, anxiety, and stress.   Because our body chemistry's are all different and complicated by hormonal changes, and aging, we just need to be open to trying different things, at different times, and  find the right combination that works for us.   So, all things considered, I feel good, but would like to fall asleep at night when the rest of the family is sleeping.


sweet older sister said...

Yep, keep on trying until you find something that helps you.

Also, be sure not to exercise at night, but get exercise during the day. That may help????

While you are awake, all alone, use that time to meditate on upbuilding things (count your blessings) and use it as an opportunity for prayers of thanksgiving.

Pedaling said...

so is it working?
i have bouts like that.
here's what has helped me:
a little dose of progesterone
or a melatonin capsule.
sleeping pills even over the counter ones make me groggy in the morning.