Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'll find you at the Rainbow Bridge

Brandi and Patch went with Sugar and I, to hug and hold our hands/paws.
Anyone that knows me, knows Sugar.
She has been my constant companion.  She has comforted me, given me unconditional
love and acceptance.
She has traveled with me from California to North Carolina.  From Mexico to Chicago.
I take her everywhere with me.
She has been my best friend.  People have come and gone in my life, but we always count on each
other to be there.
This is going to be painful.  My heart hurts.


Pedaling said...

Having to help Abby this last November was an experience I don't care to ever re-live.
It seemed like all of us, Ted, me, Baylee, all the kids would just break out into tears for weeks after.
But, it was the right thing. So hard.
In the end I was the one who ended up being with her. I could see Ted was having too difficult a time and Shauna & Sadie were going to come with me, but when it got right down to it, neither could do it.
So, I went alone and in the end, I'm glad it was just me.
It's going to be a difficult few weeks but you are going to be just fine; and so is Sugar. :)

sweet older sister said...


The Vineyard said...

This is sad, Aunt Sandy. Sugar is such a good, good dog.