Thursday, February 14, 2013

Through my eyes

"Throughout the years, whenever DARKNESS has touch my life,
it has been a strong faith in GOD and a GREAT Network of FRIENDS 
that have CARRIED ME THROUGH Troubled Waters and given me the
STRENGTH TO CARRY ON.  Your presence here today
is a inspiration to me as it Symbolizes the FRIENDSHIP AND
LOVE WE HAVE shared throughout the years."
-by Dick Murgatroyd


sweet older sister said...

Very interesting pictures. Are you experimenting with colors?

Anonymous said...

I like to read your blog over and over. I like pictures too. You have taken pretty and interesting pictures--you are artistic and have a good camera. I like your personal quotes along with other peoples quotes that express you feeling too. MOM

Anonymous said...

I like when you put songs on your blogs too. I appreciate songs that I probably would never hear.
I liked "Temporary Home" sung by Underwood. I like your songs because I can hear, see and read the song's
words. Keep on blogging. Help me get on facebook again when you are at my house. Thank You, MOM