Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coming to America

Inside Ellis Island.  My Great Grandfather, Giuseppi Joseph Falcone
walked through these doorways, in this room, to come to America with his brother.
This is the Ship Manifest from the Ship that Lena Perna, my Great Grandpa's 2nd wife, came over from Italy.  She was traveling with a child, and had $72.  That was the most money, on this page, that anyone had.  They traveled in the bottom of the ship, with the poor people.
It was so cool to be able to look up this information, right there on the computers.  It was a great feeling, seeing their names.  I felt a special feeling, and had a better understanding of why my dad did so much genealogy work.  I felt grateful for the sacrifices that my grandparents endured. Because of him, coming to America I have had many blessings.
I can only imagine how wonderful it must of have felt to see the Statue of America, after being 'packed' on a crowded ship for 14-16 days, in the bottom of the ship, with one suitcase and some snacks.  It truly is a marvelous sight to see!
A welcome light of hope and dreams. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks this for me showing me what I got to see too and told about New York. Mom