Sunday, November 18, 2012

A very busy past week

 Monday the girls were out of school and it was Brandi's Birthday.  The girls and I had a lot of errands to do. Before Brandi got home from school.
We went to pick out presents for her, went to get groceries for her special meal of cheese tortellini in a yummy cream sauce.  We picked up her favorite kind of cake from Nantucket's.  The girls practiced there special song on the piano for their mom. After dinner and cake, we turned on some music and Brandi even got a Birthday dance with her man.  Fun day. 

 Tuesday Tom (Matt's dad came to town)  And I was able to run off to the beach for 2 days.
Pam (Matt's mom got her Wed)
Saturday was Anna's Big Day.
 Anna had a fabulous 8th birthday.
She had friends over for a fun cupcake party.  It turned out really great.
 Saturday morning she was baptized by her father, and confirmed a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
It was nice to have her grandparents, cousins and other friends there for her special day.
 Such a special Day for us all.
It was great to have Pam and Tom here with us and some of her cousins from Charlotte, NC area.


Pedaling said...

A happy kind of busy!
Anna looks beautiful.
Her birthday face cracks me up!
and Happy Birthday to Brandi, too...
another beauty!

vandibrandi said...

So glad you could be there for Anna's special day :)