Friday, January 11, 2013

'Mommy Time'

MOM is Fun.
My mom is fun.  I hope I'm as pretty as her when I'm her age.  She just goes, and helps, and does.  She keeps busy.  We were able to spend some good time together while I was in AZ.   We went to Christmas programs, we drove around and enjoyed Christmas lights with the kids.   We spent week-ends out with David.  Christmas Eve, She made her 'Christmas lasagna' AND.... vegetarian lasagna for  her vegetarian grand-daughter. Then went to Alisha's with Vallerie's gang.
I stayed with Curtiss so I could be there when the kids woke up.  They are at such a cute age, waiting for Santa.  Then on Christmas Day, Curtiss made prime rib, and we all gather at mom's house.  Mom and I got in a couple movies.  Parental Guidance, and Les Miserables.  We went out to lunch a NYPD, where Victoria works, and she taxi'ed me around to see friends. 
We rang in the NEW YEAR 'Gangnum Style'. 

 And then we took a nap.                                     I'm so grateful to have such a good relationship with my mom.  She is one amazing woman.  I love you mom.  Thanks for all you do our family.


sweet older sister said...

Yep! We have a good MoM!

Pedaling said...

mom likes movies
and company
and you
and yes, mom is fun.
so glad you were able to hang out and enjoy her company!