Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week in Review

 Last Sunday it was 70 degrees and I was on the golf course.
Tuesday the temperature starting dropping.
 Tuesday night, Greg and I went to see Bryan Adams, Bare Bones tour.
It was just him and his guitar, and a piano player.  Pretty cool.
After the show we walked downtown Raleigh, (on the coldest night of the year), to a Cajun restaurant and ate some jambalaya.   
 Lexi and her girlfriends, ventured down to the lake and caught a nice size fish.  (We didn't eat it.  She released it.)
(front grill of my Explorer)                                                                                                                 Friday, a cold front with severe ice storm blew in.  Schools got out early, they closed down the malls, the roads were a black ice mess.  I think the news said that between 2pm-5pm there were 84 car accidents.  Crazy.  Driving on ice is different than driving on snow.  Especially if your from North Carolina.  
All in all, a fun week with the family and friends.
Be safe out there, and love one another.
Peace out!  (haha)


Pedaling said...

we are having some crazy January weather, too.
We also had an ice storm. on the morn of the ice storm as I excited my car in a parking lot, stepping my foot out of the car - not realizing there was ice, down i went on my butt! ouch!
at least you beat the storm and got some golf in!

sweet older sister said...

I've had some experience with black ice! Careful Careful!

Love the little house picture on your header! Where was it taken?