Sunday, March 24, 2013

March week

 Stayed busy this week.  Tuesday started drinking a healthy breakfast smoothie, and then
Greg and I were able to go golfing.
 Back in the gym.  Increasing my neck and back pain.  But I feel I 'gotta keep movin' or my
whole body is going to freeze up. I'm having a lot of joint pain.  I'm going to have to have my left knee replaced soon.  Ugh!
 Saturday we all participated in a service project.  We put in a whole playground for a school.
 I did a juice cleanse for 3 days.  The GREEN MONSTER.  Yummy.  It actually tastes ok to me.  I like the carrots in ginger in it.

I've been working a lot getting messages out to Senators, and Legislators, communicating with our Administrator of M.I.S.S. regarding our upcoming conference.  We are fighting to get rid of solitary confinement  and the rights of the mentally ill inmates, and fighting for prison reform and against mandatory minimum sentencing.  We are organizing so our voices will be heard.  Positive things are happening.  We do have some senators on our side introducing  bills.   Senator Rand Paul, and Patrick Leahy this week introduced a new bill to congress.  Changes need to be changed.
Although, these Bills will not help David, I am dedicated to help make changes for other inmates who are being abused and mistreated and going without medical treatment and keeping some in their cell, isolated, 23 hours a day.

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sweet older sister said...

That power juice looks good! I should do a cleanse too!