Monday, December 30, 2013

Here comes 2014

Well, here comes 2014.
Time to start another chapter of my Life Book.
I wonder what God has planned for me this year.
I wonder if I'll get some self-esteem back.
I hope I can apply the things I've learned.  Use my experiences to relate to others.  I hope I figure out how to overcome some of my fears and anxieties.  Have more trust, and more faith.
So Onward I go.


sweet older sister said...

A nice goal to have in drawing close to God, is to read his Word daily. See if you can read a portion of the Bible each and every day, with the purpose of understanding God's thoughts. How wonderful that He provided and safeguarded his word for all mankind.

Pedaling said...

More trust, more faith...reading scriptures as ronna suggested - all lead to good things in personal life!

I saw much positive growth for you last year, too!

Anonymous said...

Keep the Scripture, Joshua 1:9, and remember it all thru 2014. Put that scripture where you can see daily. I am going to put that scripture where I can see it, too. Thanks!
With Love, Mom